Partners of the Forbes Women’s Summit 2019

They are by no means silent partners: with their knowledge, experience and active involvement our partners made a vital contribution to our goal for a greater diversity.


Monique Dekker, Park Hyatt Vienna

Monique Dekker, Area Vice President Park Hyatt Vienna, greeted the participants of the Forbes Women’s Summit. She spoke about the irony that the building used to be a bank run by men – and that now she, a woman, was running the Park Hyatt Vienna. “We still have a lot of work to do. As women we have to stick together and support each other. That’s what future codes mean – to help each other.“


Helga Pattart-Drexler, WU EA

Helga Pattart-Drexler, Head of Executive Education at the WU Executive Academy, led the "marketplace of ideas" at the Women’s Summit. In the Grand Salon, she guided all participants through the results of the breakout sessions. “The summit was another great event and a wonderful combination of content-related input, exchange of knowledge and networking. I enjoyed the open atmosphere and positive energy. An exciting day with many ideas that may become reality in the future!”, says Pattart-Drexler.


Claudia Oeking, Philip Morris International

Claudia Oeking, Director External Affairs Innovation, gave an impulse to the topic of lobbying. “Respect the stakeholders and deal with their demands. Also, know your partners and the legal situation surrounding them”, Oeking states. These are only three pillars on which a prudent strategy is based on. “Agility, diversity and inclusion are the key to overall economic success and to Philip Morris’ transformation into a smoke-free future,” she concludes.


Sandra Bauer, PORR

“There are so many inspiring women here, with such exciting stories. It is really a good place to share experiences and knowledge. I participated in the breakout session “Coding” and didn’t know what to expect. At the end, I learned a lot from which we can profit of at PORR.”


Andrea Pelinka- Kinz, Raiffeisen Bank International

“We believe in female leaders’ unique ability to achieve positive impact. And we know that communication is one of the key ingredients on the way to success. The Forbes Women’s Summit provides a unique platform for exchange on relevant issues.”


Camilla Sievers, IP

"Diversity doesn't mean hearing the same thing over and over again. It means different perspectives, new questions and answers and changing results. New ideas and a more diverse picture.“


Helmut Eggert, Porsche

“For Porsche, the Forbes Women’s Summit is a great opportunity to get in touch with current and future decision-makers. Our focus is clearly on the “new gold” in business – women.”


Georg Eisenberger, Eisenberger & Herzog

“At Eisenberger & Herzog, female empowerment is part of our strategy. That is why more than 30 percent of our partners are women. We always want to improve and learn from other industries. That is the reason why we are partners of the Forbes Women’s Summit."