CEO, The Female Company

Ann-Sophie Claus' career as an entrepreneur started at the age of 15. There she disrupted the German wedding industry as an event planner, wedding speaker, and singer. During her post-graduate in communications management, she worked at DAPOBO (Daimler, Porsche, Bosch) in Stuttgart. In that time the current founder came to the realization that she wasn’t made for corporate life. After attending her master’s degree, she then joined the start-ups KARACHO and consecutively Earlybird Coffee both as a marketing manager where she gained valuable insights into vertical commerce as well as into marketing. In January 2018, Ann-Sophie co-founded The Female Company and since then acts as creative head and is responsible for corporate strategy and marketing as CEO.

LinkedIn: Ann-Sophie Claus
Twitter: @ann_claus

Foto: Philipp Köhler