Co-Founder, CEO & President,
Ava Science, Inc.

According to Lea von Bidder, data and information lead to empowerment. The co-founder and new CEO of the Zurich- and San Francisco-based startup Ava helps couples fulfill their desire to have children. This happens through a bracelet that Ava developed after being founded in 2014 by Pascal Koenig, Peter Stein, Philipp Tholen and von Bidder. Their vision: Accompanying women through all stages of their lives and giving them more knowledge and thus more control over their body and health.

The bracelet measures different indicators such as body temperature, resting pulse, respiratory rate, sleep, heat loss, blood circulation, as well as heart and pulse rates. This data is collected, evaluated and used for an accurate prognosis of a women’s fertile days. “Ava can predict 5.3 days of a women’s fertile days with an accuracy of 89 %”, says von Bidder. In January 2020, von Bidder took over the CEO position of the tech company.

Lea von Bidder was featured in the article "Romantische Technologie" in our September issue "Women" 2018.

LinkedIn: Lea von Bidder
Twitter: @leavonbidder