Mindful Executive Coach & Trainer

Nina Haidinger is a Leadership Coach and Trainer with a focus on mindful success strategies. Before that she worked for six years as a manager in consulting for the Boston Consulting Group focusing on large scale transformations. Fostering diversity has always been part of her professional DNA, as Haidinger was heading BCG's women's network for Austria, and was also supporting broader education on the topic through talks and the co-publication of BCG's 'Gender Diversity Index Austria'. After a severe burnout, Haidinger started her own consultancy firm where she supports other leaders in leading their business and life in a sustainable and successful way. Her approach is grounded in neuropsychology, mindfulness and somatic experience. She works with clients worldwide through group and individual work.

When Haidinger is asked to sum up the purpose of her work, she refers to it as: “Establishing the courage to connect. As it is only in connection - with ourselves and those around us - that we can ultimately find true success and happiness.“

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