Co-founder & Managing Director,
Yunus Social Business (YSB)

Saskia Bruysten is co-founder and managing director of Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives (YSB), which she founded together with Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof Yunus in 2011. YSB supports and finances social enterprises in developing countries, combating social challenges with an economic approach rather than that of traditional philanthropy. Since 2011 YSB has built local teams in seven countries, supported over 500 entrepreneurs, and has invested in over 30 social enterprises, investing in areas such as education, health, energy and agriculture.

Saskia's commitment was awarded with the BOLD Woman Award 2020, the Handelsblatt / BCG Pioneer Prize 2020, and the Capital "Young Elite" 2017/18 prize. She was on the "25 Woman who make the world a better place 2016” Handelsblatt list and the Wired Smart List 2013. Along with 10 French corporations she is on the supervisory board of the "Action Tank contre la Pauvreté" and the "European Venture Philanthropy Association.

Saskia Bruysten is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and GenerationCEO. Together with the World Economic Forum, she founded the Covid-19 Alliance for social enterprise, she worked on building Richard Branson's B-team and together with Yunus advised UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on the Millennium Development Goals and is co-author of a Boston Consulting Group report on Social Joint Ventures. She began her career with the Boston Consulting Group in Munich/New York. Saskia Bruysten is German-Canadian and lives with her husband and son oscillating between Berlin and

LinkedIn: Saskia Bruysten