20 October 2022
Digital Event
Women’s Summit


75% of CEOs are women. The 10 richest people in the world are female. #metoo is over.

We wish – but we’re still far away. At the Forbes DA Women’s Summit, streaming live on forbes.at on October 20, we will hear from powerful women – entrepreneurs and executives, artists and musicians, politicians and activists – how to change the status quo once and for all.

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Past Speakers

Musician & Entrepreneur
Rita Ora
“It's one thing to put in the hours, It's another to have the passion.”

When her family emigrated to the UK from war-torn Kosovo, the now internationally renowned musician and actress was only one year old. The words of her mother, whom she herself describes as a driver in her incredibly successful career, still ring true today: “You can do anything and achieve anything you want.”

CEO, Vitra
Nora Fehlbaum
“The global health crisis acted as an accelarator for developments that had already been swelling.”

Nora Fehlbaum is CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the Swiss furniture manufacturing company Vitra, leading the family-owned company in the third generation. She discusses the evolution of office spaces and their design in the world of hybrid work.

Former CHRO, Siemens AG
Janina Kugel
“What is leadership? To motivate people, to help them achieve a goal.”

Janina Kugel is a board member, advisor, speaker and former CHRO at Siemens, where she was responsible for 385,000 employees worldwide. Kugel studied economics at the universities of Mainz and Verona.

Digital Entrepreneur
Caro Daur
“Be aware of the power you have.”

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Caro Daur is a self-made, digital entrepreneur. With over three-million followers on Instagram and a global network, she continues to grow her brand through various international projects.

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Artwork by Deborah Sengl